Thursday, April 18, 2013


Ellis is one loved little munchkin.  We are reminded of that every time we are surrounded by our friends and family.  Her God Father (God-Daddy-Patty) cured and cooked all of the meat and handmade all of the bread and bagels for her special day.  Pat happens to be the Sushi Chef at Restaurant Muramoto and has cooked at Tornado Room and Nostrano (yeah... I know.... totally a big deal ;) and he is one amazing chef!  He made beef pastrami, maple ham, and smoked turkey for sandwiches as well as salmon for the bagels.  Paul, Ellis' other God Father and Uncle, brewed some beer that was a huge hit!  Maybe he will name one of his beers after her someday.  I already have one named after me, but that's a whole other story. ;) My special contribution for her special day was making her cake.  This might sound funny but, I have dreamt about the day I got to make my first child's birthday cake.  I made my Aunt's famous cake that she made for our wedding.  It is TO DIE FOR. Well, at least I think it is and my dad thinks so too.  My mom had to practically pry our cake topper piece out of his hands so he wouldn't eat it after our wedding.  We were storing it in my parent's freezer so, in tradition, we could eat it on our first anniversary.  It is white chocolate pound cake with cream cheese and raspberry filling and white chocolate frosting on the outside.  YUMMMMM!  Anyways, besides the fact that our house is a bit cramped for the entire Trameri/Buell clan, it was a wonderful day! Ellis got so many fun toys and adorable clothing.
Side note: The Buells are pretty much a one stop shop.  We can build you a home, insure it, then sell it, cut your hair, watch your kids, bake you a cake, brew you some beer, take your family pictures, and then to top it off, we will sell you some damn good cheese!  ;)
God Parents - Pat and Nora 
God Parents - Ashley and Paul