Here is the deal. I love healthy cooking. I try recipes, changes them, make them healthier, sometime just leave them as is, and if they are good, I put them on here. We have all had a Pinterest recipe go terribly wrong. Let me test it out so you don't have to.

peanut butter, strawberry and banana smoothie
peanut butter and berry smoothie
watermelon and coconut smoothie

power muffins - greek yogurt, blueberries, & oatmeal
blueberry bran muffins
super moist chocolate zucchini protein muffins
banana coffee chocolate chip whole wheat muffins
pumpkin apple muffins

biggest loser pancakes
baked oatmeal cups
pumpkin oatmeal breakfast cookies

Soups | Stews:
red lentil coconut soup
african chicken peanut stew

peach, feta and balsamic salad
Thai quinoa salad
roasted beet salad
southwestern chicken salad with avocado and cilantro dressing (or healthy homemade ranch!)

Main courses:
turkey taco lettuce wraps
hummus, avocado & sprout sandwich
greek yogurt & honey dijon chicken salad
chicken, broccoli, & quinoa casserole
falafel with avocado spread
the buell za (homemade pizza - traditional)
the buell za (homemade pizza - mexican style)
baked pasta with sausage and spinach

Snacks | Appetizers:
nutella & greek yogurt dip with apples
hummus plate
homemade granola bars
energy bites
sweet potato & avocado salsa

Desserts (healthy):
zucchini coconut cookies

Desserts (not so healthy):
white chocolate lemon cupcakes
key lime & blackberry cupcakes
white texas sheet cake

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