Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ROOM DESIGN: Ellis' Big Girl Room

I have had Ellis' room done for about 9ish months now, but I FINALLY got around to taking pictures of it to share with all of you! :) I truly love interior design and someday hope to make a post about exactly how I go about designing a space. Yes, I actually have a process. I like interior design, but I LOVE interior design on a dime. Anyone can buy adorable things from PB kids, spend a fortune and have it look amazing, but it takes a bit more work, effort and an eye for what you like to pull it together on a dime. Not that there is anything wrong with buying from PB kids (their stuff is to die for) but I just have so much fun treasure hunting and finding unique pieces to decorate with - plus we are the Buells - we love a deal. ;)


Wooden wall: Made by my husband. We bought boxcar siding (tongue & groove) from Menards, installed it and whitewashed it. $400 and a whole lot of elbow grease later Logan wanted to kill me, but at the same time was pretty proud. :)
Got my inspiration HERE.

Quilt: The top was made by my great grandmother - backing and edging done by my mom.

Sheets: Lands' End - no longer sold, but THESE, THESE and THESE are fun

Cube organizer: Kallax Shelving Unit from IKEA with these baskets in light green.

Double shelf: VARDE Wall Shelf with hooks from IKEA with these meal buckets.

Little table & chairs: Walmart (got mine for $30 at Christmas! SCORE!)

Bed: Given to us by friends for FREE! I painted it teal and put upholstery tacks on the headboard.

Bench at foot of bed: Craigslist ($5)

Wooden letter and word stand: Target

Basket: Lands' End

Curtain rod: Made from hardware from Menards for under $10. (tutorial HERE)

Curtains: Old lace tablecloths from St. Vinnies

3 gold box shelves: Super old - I have no ideas where I originally got them. They were black and I spray painted them gold.

Yardstick dress-up clothes hanger: Flea market find - $3 yardsticks for a buck! Used wood glue to attach them to a piece of wood, secured them with screws and then screwed in the hangers.

Magnets: Made by me or letter magnets I spray painted gold.

Night stand: Found on the side of the road - painted it white, lined with scrapbook paper (using modpodge) and painted the sides of drawers gold

Blue & gold horse: Logan's from when he was a baby
Play zone door hanger, mushroom, brass dog & pig: All flea market or garage sale finds
Yellow bike: Etsy - Similar
Wooden dice: Etsy - Similar
Children's Book: Julia Child

Peppers print: Bought from shutterstock, adjusted color/size and printed.
Locally grown Wisconsin print: Designed by me - frame from IKEA
"Your playing small..." quote print: Designed by me - frame from IKEA
Black & white picture of Ellis & Logan: A metal print from tinyprints
Little girl & mom looking at a house picture: Bought an old children's book off ebay for $6 and framed an illustration that I liked. Frame from IKEA.

Striped grain sack pillows: Lands' End - Similar 
Floral tassel pillow: TJMaxx
Round teal pillow: Urban Outfitters - Similar

Saturday, February 7, 2015

FREE PRINTABLE: 'Fancy Pants' Dollar Store Glitter Pen Valentines

I don't know about you, but I thought this one was pretty funny! Seriously... I crack myself up! ;)

One night I got it in my mind that I wanted to design some free printable valentines so I sat down and I designed all eight of them in one night. So here you go - the last valentine of the year. I had so much fun designing these and putting them together!

I got my glitter glue sticks from the dollar store. 
You can buy them in-store or online! 10 for $1!!


Attach the glitter glue sticks with hot glue - it will peel right off!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FREE PRINTABLE: Gem Magnet Valentine

So... I feel I might have gone overboard on the valentines this year.
hmmm. Oh well - here is another one! ;)

This valentine can be printed and used without the magnet or you can craft the magnet to make it just a bit more special! It is quite possibly the easiest DIY ever!


Where to buy (click for links):

Monday, February 2, 2015

FREE PRINTABLE: 'You're A Hoot' Mini Owl Eraser Valentine

Happy Monday! I have been a bit busy with freelance work and the five million other things I currently have on my plate, but I am trying to get all my free printable valentines posted for you all a good week or so before Valentine's Day! :)

I got these ADORABLE little mini owl erasers in the dollar section at Target. 60 for a buck! Now that makes for affordable valentines! I found them a few weeks ago, so they might be hard to find. If you plan on making these, I would call Target and ask if they are available in their dollar section and if not, ask if they plan on getting any more in. I hope they continue to restock. They are just too perfect to valentines!