Saturday, July 25, 2015


I am beyond thrilled with our dinette cushions for our camper. They turned out far better than I had ever imagined.
I actually almost cried when I saw them. No, I’m not kidding.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know I rarely shy to the challenge of a good DIY project. This entire camper is one GIANT ball of DIY projects with a new disaster challenge at every turn. The further we get into it, the more lovely DIY projects present themselves. The camper cushions, much like the sealing of the windows, was just a job we were not about to take on. I can handle the curtains, but I decided to leave the cushions to the professionals and I am so happy I did.

I chose to work with Cindy’s Custom Interiors out of McFarland, WI. These days stellar customer service is hard to come by and the quality of goods just seem to decline (we all know things aren’t made like they used to be.) It is so rare to find a business like Cindy’s. She sells high quality, beautifully crafted, custom window fashions, upholstery, and slip covers.

Cindy’s level of customer service is top notch. When I first walked into her shop, I had no idea what to expect. She took the time to explain why the cushions needed to be made a certain way (her knowledge is invaluable), she let me show her my many Pinterest boards, her interior decorator, Toni, took the time to look through (what seemed like hundreds) of fabric swatches until we landed on the perfect one, and she even took me into her workshop where we marked off how thick I wanted the white stripe down the center of my cushions to be and a few other specifics of the job. Basically, she took the time to listen to me, ask questions, and make sure she knew exactly what I wanted. As I was looking through fabric swatches with Toni, I watched as customers came in with their different projects and how genuinely excited Cindy she seemed about every single one. She treated each one of her customers just as she had treated me. I could tell she loved what she did for a living and that I love.

I have such admiration and respect for female business owners. So naturally, I asked Cindy a bazillion questions while I was there. As I was leaving she asked me if I wanted to come back and watch her make one of my cushions and I, of course, jumped at the chance.

When I arrived back at her shop a few weeks later, she had everything done except one cushion. I sat with her in her shop for about an hour as she put together my last cushion and told me all about her business. She told me how she started her business in 1986 in an old shed with $500, a borrowed air compressor, a sewing machine on credit and a whole lot of hope. She told me how her business grew, went through ups and downs, and her plans for the future. I listened and watched as she effortlessly put together my last cushion like she could do it in her sleep.

I met Cindy’s father who they all call ‘Dad’ or ‘Too Tall’ – the nickname he got years ago while working at the Green Lantern Restaurant and Bar in McFarland. He stands at an impressive 6’4” tall and had to always duck under the potato chip rack that hung overhead. His real name is Richard and he helps Cindy around the shop. Cindy told me “every small business needs a retired Dad” and I couldn’t agree more.

At one point or another, I met all of Cindy’s employees - most of which are family and the others who might as well be family. Everyone was delightful, even the shop dog, Hunter, who welcomes everyone with kisses and his half inflated soccer ball.

If you are thinking of giving new life to an old piece of furniture or getting custom window treatments, I would highly recommend visiting Cindy and her wonderful employees in her adorable little shop. They are hard working people who know their business inside and out.

The old olive green cushions

The beautiful new retro cushions
Gluing a layer of batting onto our original foam. It was still in excellent condition, so we reused it!
Hunter, the shop dog
Cindy's Dad - aka 'Too Tall'
Laying out the cushion pieces and starting to sew together

Working on chairs for HotelRED in Madison

Putting it all together!

Cindy has a beautiful show room that is spacious and well lit.

*This is not a sponsored post - these opinions are 100% my own.