Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A few weekends ago we celebrated two birthdays in the family. Ellis' second and Finn's (our nephew) fifth. People always say that time flies after you start having kids and are they right. I cannot believe two years have passed since Little Miss Ellis Averee entered our lives. She has brought us so much happiness and we just couldn't imagine life without her. It kind of feels like she has just been here all along.

It was a great weekend filled with friends and family. We celebrated both the kiddo's birthdays together with an underwater themed party. Ashley and I had fun crafting the silly underwater creatures for the decorations. We both just pulled together stuff we had around the house and in our crafting supplies to make them. (It probably helps that I hoard crafting supplies.)

We had smoked chickens, pulled pork, homemade buns, pasta salad, ceasar salad, caprese salad kabobs, deviled eggs, chips and dip, taco dip, veggie platter, cheese tray, pickles, olives, home brewed beer, lemon cake, chocolate cake, trix treats, and cake pops! You name it, we had it! ;)

After a celebration like that, I cannot help but feel so truly blessed. We are so lucky to have so many friends and family who love our little girl.