Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I have a confession to make, I do not actually need glasses. Nope, these baby blues provide me with 20/20 vision! Seeing so many girls who look just plain adorable in their little black specks (my best friend being one of them) has secretly given me glasses envy. That being said, I jumped at the chance to try a pair from

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that I do not actually HAVE to wear glasses, but it has been fun getting to try a pair and wearing them as more of an accessory!

My only experience buying glasses has been sunglasses and because I have a long, narrow, and somewhat square face it is always a bit of a struggle. Most glasses are quite wide for my face, so when I put them on, they go way too far out on the sides. Logan bought me a pair of Ray-Bans last summer and he had to get the special 'thinner' ones so they would look normal on my face. So when I went on to pick out a pair, I had to pay real close attention to the width of the frames to make sure they were narrow enough for my face. All of the measurements are clearly shown, the pictures are great, but what I really love is the pictures of (non-model) women wearing them.

So, I ordered my glasses and they shipped right away. They came in this great little case with a cleaning cloth. Now, since I do not actually NEED glasses, I am not about to spend an arm and a leg on fake ones. is more than fairly priced AND if you are a new customer, you get 50% off your first pair!

So go check them out! I love mine so much I made this my profile pic! ;)

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