Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I found this idea on pinterest a year or so ago and I am so excited that Ellis is finally old enough to get excited about it! I decided to design a cute little packet to put the 'magic' beans in and turn it into a free printable so you guys can do it with your kiddos as well! I have so many memories as a kid getting so excited about the magic of the holidays. This is just another tradition to make Easter even more magical than it already is.

- Buy a bag of jellybeans and a bag of lollipops or suckers
- Download the free printable and print on card stock or thicker paper (8.5x11")
- Cut out and score on the dotted lines (shown below)
- Secure the tabs with double stick tape
- Fill the packet with jellybeans
- Put the packet in a fun place for your kid(s) to find on the Saturday before Easter
   (under their pillow, in the mail box, in their shoe, etc.)
- Have them plant (or sprinkle) them either in a bowl of sugar or outside in the lawn
- After they have gone to bed, replace the beans with lollipops
- Watch them get so excited in the morning when they see that their magic jelly beans have turned into lollipops!!!

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