Wednesday, August 3, 2016


A few weeks ago we celebrated Lennon's second birthday along with his cousins Isla (5) and Brynn (7). We decided to go with a camping themed cake b/c all the Buell kids love to camp and what is cuter than little vintage campers?! :)

I have had several people ask about the cake. Here are the details:

Cake: Costco Chocolate Cake. They have vanilla as well and both are amazing! You can get an entire sheet cake for $19! I usually make the cake, but this time around I took the Costco short-cut and it was fabulous and sure as heck saved me a few hours! I just ordered it PLAIN with no decorations. I made my own green and blue buttercream frosting to decorate with. The sand under the campers is brown sugar.
Cars: Flea market find when I was decorating Lennon's room
Campers: Little kits that you can put together and paint that I found on Etsy.
White chair and little inner tubes are from Consumer Crafts.
Trees: Vanilla Bean  


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