Thursday, November 22, 2012


Ellis got her "party hat" last Friday and has adjusted just fine.  Me on the other hand... well, it might take me a tad bit longer.  Even though I know the helmet is HELPING her, not hurting her, it makes me a little sad.  She just looks so different and I cannot cuddle her the way I used to.  I used to give her little head kisses and snuggle her under my chin and now it is just hard plastic. lol  We get to take it off for one hour a day and during that one hour I try and get my snuggles in and of course a bath. :)  Overall, we are THANKFUL for the helmet and the health of our family.

Here are a few pictures of Ellis in her party hat.  It is no longer white though.  It is now blue with sparkle clouds and a kite!  Yup, her head is in the clouds! ;)  I will post pictures of that along with her 7 month bunny pictures soon.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!

"Just hanging out watching TV with dad and sucking my fingers.  This is the life."

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