Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Last week we were on the BEAUTIFUL Anna Maria Island in Florida with my parents and brother.  My parents have been vacationing on the Island for over 35 years. They went there on their honeymoon and they will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this month! My Grandma and Grandpa Andrews (who are no longer with us) have been going for years before that.  I have been going since I was two years old and we are now starting the tradition with Ellis at one year.  Let's just say our family has quite a few memories on the island.

The weather was mid 80s the entire time, our beach house was adorable and we got through the entire week without too much family disfunction. ;)  It was relaxing and the perfect vacation with a baby.  Every day we slept in, drank coffee by the pool, my mom watched Ellis while Logan and I went for our morning run, swam in the pool with Ellis, put Ellis down for her first nap, did a short day trip when she woke up (fruit farm tour, the Mote Aquarium, little shops around town, etc.), tried to get back in time for Ellis' second nap, grilled dinner at the house or went out for dinner, and ended almost every night with a walk on the beach once Ellis was down for the night.  It was wonderful to spend time with my family and so helpful to have my mom and brother there to help with Ellis.  One day we left her with my family and Logan and I went to Orlando to the Magic Kingdom.  It was so nice to have the day for just him and I since we rarely get alone time these days. 

For me,
It was a week without lists.  Lists - I. HAVE. THEM. EVERYWHERE - work lists, home lists, freelance lists, grocery lists, dinner lists, lists, lists, lists.  I needed a week without lists and I can tell it was just what the Doc ordered b/c I am feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the world - more on that later.  Sometimes you just need some time away. Basically this quote sums it us:

Trip highlights - Having a beer on the Rod and Reel Pier and talking to locals, swimming with Ellis in the pool, the Mixon Fruit Farm, and bumming around town looking at all the little shops - this one was my favorite.  They also have a blog with recipes!  The store smelled AMAZING and there were samples of everything!

Lowlights (is that what I should call them?!)
#1 - THE. PLANE. RIDE.  I have some advice when traveling with a baby - DON'T DO IT! ;)  I am sure some parents have had a great experience when traveling with a child, but ours didn't go so smooth.  Had she been just a few months younger, I feel like it would have made a big difference.  She had to be moving at ALL times - jumping, touching, climbing (all over us), "talking" to the people in the seat behind us, arching her back and throwing a fit to get down off of our laps and oh, her random screams, for fun.  She is a pro.  The girl has some pipes!  So for two and a half hours Logan and I were sweating, getting climbed on, trying to control her screaming, and trying to feed her all while cramped in a tiny plane. We were hoping for a nap. Not a chance for that!!! Basically she looked at us and said - "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" kidding!  But if she could talk, that is totally what she would have said.

#2 - When the bank called us about one hour after we got in the Magic Kingdom and told us our credit card number was stolen and someone spend $2,500 in Great Britan.  I was like "C'mon!  Isn't this supposed to be the happiest place on earth!"  Grrrr.

Ok, now on to the pictures:  

Morning smiles the day we left

Wearing Mama's hat

First Airplane ride
I might look happy, but in my head I am thinking LAND THIS THING NOW AND GET ME THE HELL OUTTA HERE! STAT!

Our beach absolutely adorable beach house - The Coral Cottage!

The Beach

After a morning run

No room to pack toys, so kitchen utensils had to do.

Braiding back my bangs.  Jodie and Kate tried teaching me this technique a couples times and I kind of got it while on vacation. :) Now if the hair on my temples would just grow back.  I knew it would fall out after I had Ellis, but I thought it would grow back. sigh...

She looks so much like a little girl in this picture and not a baby.

Look at the Sea Lions Grandma!

Mixon's Fruit Farm

Pool Time:

This bird was VERY friendly.  He would show up and we would feed him bread.  No wonder he was so friendly. ;)

 The Rod and Reel Pier:

Ice cream!!!

The Spice Merchant and bumming around town:

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Around the beach house...


  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip! I went to the MOTE laboratory on vacation a couple of years ago and loved it.

  2. So fun!! I LOL on your "what not to do" as I could only imagine what traveling on a plane with Makenzie would be like....

    I love her yellow bikini with her little belly, too cute! :)