Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Who is ready for some affordable fashion in their lives?! I AM!

I am so excited to share the redesign of my friend's blog, but even more pumped to announce she will be guest posting for me while I am in Ohio for the next few days.

Amy is a style blogger who went to school for fashion merchandising and has quite the knack for putting outfits together on a budget. Please welcome this fashionable, little mama as she tells us how to get "the look for less."

First off, before we "get to know" Amy, here is the new design I came up with for her style blog, 5th AND VINE. Amy wanted something simple and sophisticated and we both felt this fit the ticket.

And now for the good stuff! Let's get to know Amy! 
(She totally humored me and answered all of my questions. I can't help myself! I love this stuff.)

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