Monday, September 9, 2013


I haven't made a 'Mixed Tape Monday' post in forever, so here is another mix of my favorites. I am pretty much obsessed with the band Walk off the Earth. They write their own songs, but also do some pretty awesome covers. I have always loved Brett Dennen and I am diggin' Delta Rae's 'If I Loved You."

Thanks to Pandora, late night YouTube sessions with Logan and my constant 'Now Hear This" emails back and forth with my musical soul sister, Raija, I seem to land on a variety of different tunes.  

Easy Listening - Vol. 2 by Katie Buell on Grooveshark

This gem isn't available on Grooveshark yet, so here is the video:

Yup, We are going to this. Puuurty stoked about it.

Delta Rae's "If I Loved You"

Hall and oates singing "I Can't Go For That"

Walk off the Earth doing a cover of one of my favorites

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  1. GuRL. I love this post and not just bc I am mentioned. Music is a way of life. It has a way of guiding your soul.