Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It has been a while since I have done an Ellis post. I suppose 18 months would have been more of a milestone, but I missed that one. :)

What we will remember about E at 19 months:
- She LOVES baby dolls - JUST.LOVES.THEM. She has been known to carry several around at once and get very upset if someone Isla (her cousin) tries to take one away. She pulls down all of our kitchen towels and swaddles her favorite doll "baby" in them. It is so darn cute.
- Her new trick is throwing her toys (yes, baby included!!!) in the kitchen sink! We always soak her sippy cups and other things in warm, soapy water in the sink, so we have had to dry out some books and give a few time-outs!
- On the subject of time-outs, she doesn't understand that they are a bad thing. She gladly goes over and sits in her 'time-out' spot and continually says "I sowey" (I'm sorry) with a big smile. ugg. Discipline is an area we struggle in. 
- She says so many things, meaning we need to watch our mouths more than ever. She will repeat anything. She will link words together and say things like "I love you, Mommy" and it melts my heart. Her little voice could not be more sweet. I love that she can now communicate with us and tell us exactly what she wants.
- Ok, this one is a funny one. I can't think of anything she is really afraid of except beards and black foam rollers!!! She is getting over the beard phobia, but man, do black foam rollers terrify her! She cries at the sight. We happen to have a few friends who own foam rollers, one being a personal trainer (Matt) and one (Luis) who just loves to roll. ;) Matt has two of them, a red one and a black one. The red one was no big deal, but forget that black one!!! That black one was clearly dangerous and very scary! The whole thing cracks me up.
- Super Why. The girl loves herself some Super Why! Our neighbors told us about the show and she just can't get enough. I think I know all the songs (and dances) by heart. Make sure to visit 'Storybook Village' if you have a little munchkin.
- The potty. We have recently introduced her to the training potty and she just likes to stick baby in it, close and top and sit on it. I guess we know her thoughts on starting potty training.

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