Friday, November 1, 2013


I am so excited to be guest posting over at 5th and Vine today! Amy asked me to pull together style post while she is away having some fun with the fam! Here it is:

Let's start this post off by talking about pinterest. I use it for inspiration for everything - projects at work, freelance design, DIY/sewing projects and style ideas!! I am not one of those girls who has a unbelievable knack for putting outfits together, so to pinterest I go! I always find these amazing style ideas, but when I click into the pin, the image came from tunblr (no links) or the blogger's wardrobe budget seems to be a bit waayyyyy more than mine. ;)

I have taken three looks I am loving right now and found some affordable items to put them together!

(inspiration picture: midwestern darling tumblr)

ONE $30.03  |  TWO $18  |  THREE $11.99  |  FOUR $64  |  FIVE (sold out - another option)  |  SIX $39.99

(inspiration pic: the day book blog)
ONE $42  |  TWO $50 (it says 'journey' on the inside. swoon)  |  THREE $33
FOUR $22.97  |  FIVE $24.10  |  SIX $12.95  |  SEVEN $7.80  |  EIGHT $99.95

(inspiration pic: mekenna bleu)
ONE $17.99  |  TWO $53.99  |  THREE $89.50  |  FOUR $74.99  |  FIVE $22.80  |  SIX $8.80  |  SEVEN $28.69

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