Thursday, November 14, 2013


Do not let the 'before' picture scare you. We are really quite clean and organized 99% of the time. Have you met my husband?! Cleaning tools are just as (if not more) important than power tools. We might as well buy stock in Dyson and Swiffer. Needless to say, my crafting space lacked organization and style and needed a face lift. I was an art major in college and a craft supply hoarder, so the outcome of that is a whole lot of art/crafting supplies. Something needed to be done! 

Now that the craft room is done, my goal is to hit a different area of our house each weekend and have the entire house decluttered and organized by Christmas.  I know this is weird, but the thought of getting out Christmas decorations and plopping a tree in the middle of our living room gives me the sweats thinking that we would just be adding more clutter. We plan on hitting the basement storage room this weekend and our closet the next. Then we will do the bathroom and kitchen drawers and cupboards. It is your lucky day St. Vinny's! The Buells are cleaning house!

Anyways, here is the craft room transformations and the tutorials I used to make it happen. We are clearly a DIY family! Good thing Logan is so handy!

Now here is why is pays to thrift, grab things off the side of the road, troll craigslist, hit up flea markets/antique stores and take hand-me-downs!

• Wooden barrel that is holding all my wrapping paper - found on the side of the road - FREE
• White storage cabinet - craig's list (used to be an American Eagle make-up storage fixture) - $90
• Sewing machine - my Grandma's (I love it b/c it is so simple it can't break) - FREE
• Green chair - My grandma's (hand me down) - FREE
• Wooden Plank used behind the mason jars - from our attic - left over from building our house - FREE
• Lotta cola wooden crate & tin can - Elkhorn flea market - $5 each
• Vintage Globe - Odana Antiques - $16

Things I bought form a conventional store:
IKEA spice racks (on either side of the shelves) - $3.99 each
• The large piece of butcher block used to make the countertop - Menards (do not remember exact price, but it was under $200)
• Mason Jars (wide mouth quart) - Menards - 12 for $8.99
• Metal clamps for around Mason Jars (2 3/4 - 3 3/4 stainless steel) - Menards - $1.39 a piece
• Pegboard with spacer/mounting kit - $9.38
• 3 sets of different hooks for the peg board - $4.77 for all 3

I love to decorate spaces. Every time I decide to style (or restyle) a room, I make a pinterest board for inspiration. I then look at what we already own and how I might be able to use it or revamp it so I can use it. I love that we are saving money and up-cycling something we already have. Anyone can buy over-priced items from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, but it takes creativity to make what you already have, work. Plus, I love the fact that many of the things I use are one of a kind pieces. Give me an up-cycled antique any day over a piece of furniture from Steinhafels. (puke) 

Here is Ellis' room that I also designed on a dime:

I cannot say it looks that good any more. It has somehow gotten cluttered and a little messy. I guess that is what happens when you actually live in a space! lol


  1. Woo! I love it so much. I am glad I saw this now because I'm about to tackle putting together my office/craft room and I was kind of like "uh.. where do I start?" so thanks for the great ideas!

  2. This is a great inspiration to start cleaning house. It feels so good to get organized! I love the book shelves in Ellis's room and may steal it for the girls. :)

    1. We might need to do a neighborhood ikea trip! LET'S DO IT!!!!!

  3. I love this! I'm finally going to have a real craft area once we redo our basement and now I'm hoping it turns out looking a lot like this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can you come do my craft room?? This looks fantastic! And Ellis' room is adorable! :)

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