Thursday, June 6, 2013


Kate was in town from Ohio and that right there is a GREAT excuse to play hookie from work for a day. :)  At first I felt a little guilty having Ellis go to daycare on a day I had off of work, but then I realized that is just plain silly. Not only should I take the time away to be with my friends, but I NEED that time away. It was so nice to actually give my full attention to an adult conversation and be a little care free for a day. Jodie, Kate and I spent the whole day together downtown and it was pure bliss. We ate lunch at D LUX, went for manis and pedis at the AVEDA school ($10 Tuesdays...YAY!), did a little shopping on State Street, grabbed some Starbucks and ended the day with happy hour at Merchant with some friends. I feel truly lucky to have these ladies in my life. I love them to the moon and back! Life is beyond busy for me these days and I made a decision a few months back to only make time for people who truly matter. Aint nobody got time for friends that don't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! ;)

The theme to pretty much every one of our Monday night dinners. Even though we might get a little less weird now that Kate no longer attends. No wait, it still gets weird when we skype. :)

My friend Raija is obsessed with unicorns, so I like to take pictures of things with unicorns on them and send them to her. 
Is that weird? I think not!

Happy Hour at Merchant



  1. Not weird at all. In fact, it makes my heart flutter when you do. PS Grizz totally has that shirt.

  2. <3 <3 <3, it is tough that people think I love them as much as I love you girls! I miss Monday night dinner so much!

  3. Well Kate! How can you blame them!? You throw about #bestie like it ain't no big thang! ;)