Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Logan and I are more than guilty of getting caught up in the rat race of life. We could be at work for hours, the house could be cleaner, the lawn needs mowing, food needs to be made, my freelance projects are never ending, and there could always be more money in the bank. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting things checked off our 'to do' lists that we forget to just slow down and have a little fun.  Life is all about balance and we need a little less work and a little more fun in our lives. This past weekend we took a little time out from our 'to dos' and had a little fun. On Friday I took Ellis and my Mom to the horse barn to meet Nora's horse, Sunny. Then on Saturday Logan had a bachelor party and I went hiking at Devil's Lake with some friends. On Sunday we took a long walk downtown around the Willy Street neighborhoods and then had some friends over for burgers and homemade pizza. It was a nice change of pace.

Besides meeting Sunny the horse, she also got to meet a llama and a donkey. She called them all "puppy". Sunny was very sweet and let Ellis stick her finger up his big horsey nose. :)

I was a little nervous about taking Ellis hiking without Logan b/c I didn't know if I could carry her on my back the entire time and I didn't really want anyone else carrying her. If he came, I knew we could switch her back and forth. Turns out our baby hiking pack rocks and I had no problem at all!  It puts all the weight on your hips instead of your back/shoulders. I LOVE it!  AND Ellis was a perfect angel! She loved it and actually fell asleep in the pack for the last 15 minutes or so.  We hiked for about an hour and then had a picnic.  I had a wonderful day with some great friends!

I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was walking around the Willy Street neighborhoods. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live there by the lake.  It always makes me so happy.  All the cute little houses that are actually different from one another (not cookie cutters like where we live) and people are outside playing music and just enjoying life.  The trees canopy over the streets and it just makes my heart smile. Someday maybe... someday....
(back in the pack Ellis went!)

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  1. Awww, Such a sweet weekend! I'm sad that I missed the hiking and I am soooo happy that you guys took time out of your hectic lives to have a little fun!