Saturday, June 15, 2013


The back story....
Logan and I met my senior year at UWW Whitewater. He was pursuing his bachelors in business and I was pursuing an art degree with a focus on graphic design and multimedia. One semester I took a painting course and would spend hours in the lab late at night working on this huge painting.  Logan would often come visit me in the lab while I was woking on the painting and we would just hang out and talk. Him and I had quite a few hours invested in this painting. :)  Anyways, Logan LOVES oreos (I promise this will make sense at the end) and told me this story of how when he was little his mom had a glass cookie jar of oreos and after dinner he was allowed to take as many oreos as he was old.  For his 22nd birthday I decided to surprise him with a very special gift.  I took a picture of my painting, cut it up into little squares, wrote 22 reason why I loved him on the back of each piece of paper and then wrapped each reason with an oreo. (kind of like a fortune cookie.) I, then, found the exact same glass cookie jar that his mom had when he was little and put them all in it.  He was supposed to open one each day, but he was so excited that he opened them all at once. To this day, he says it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him.  Today, on his second Father's Day and almost 8 years later, I am attempting to trump that surprise.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to take pictures and since Ellis has been born, I have taken a fair amount of video as well.  I decided to put them all to good use for this special day. I looked through all of my Instagram pictures and picked my 10 favorite ones of Logan and Ellis.  I then had them printed 3x3" through Kanvess for 25¢ a piece.  I wrote down the top ten reasons why Logan is an amazing father, attached each reason to a picture and taped them up all over the house with washi tape. I made sure everything was in place when I left for my workout class early this morning so he would wake up and find all the reasons as he went through his morning routine. Reason #10 included a card instructing him to open my laptop sitting on the kitchen island. Below you will see the video I made him.

The surprise wasn't over quite yet though! I had one more surprise for him. (Another quick backstory... Logan worked at the Tommy Bartlett Ski Show every summer of college.  He has so many great memories from Bartlett's and talks about them all of the time.) Last weekend we were driving in the car and he was telling me that the staff had really cool sweatshirts this year and they were grey and looked vintage. I was like "Oh, well maybe we can buy one this summer when we go see the show" and he then informed me they were only for the staff.  "Dang. That's too bad" I said.  Little did he know that the very next day I called the owners to get my hands on one of those sweatshirts! They shipped it to my work right away. 

I was so happy I spent the time to put together this surprise for Logan. He is an amazing father to little Miss Ellis and she loves him like crazy! I wish I had the time to surprise him like this more often. It sure is fun to surprise someone you love. :)

On the closet door...
On the Bathroom mirror...
The last reason :)
The video:


Logan and his sweatshirt!

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  1. Wow Katie, Logan and Ellis are so lucky to have such a great Mom and Wife!