Thursday, October 31, 2013


1. Need some quick kids coloring pages? Check out Hippo Paint! Search any word to bring up all kinds of coloring/painting pages for the kiddos!

2. Simple recipes - we al love 'em. This site takes simple to a whole new level. Here are 34 two-ingrediant recipes. Here are two interesting ones:

3. I found my next crafting project. I must makes these awesome double wrapped bracelets when I find the time. I love how they use a hex nut as the closure. I want to make them in every color.

4. Ok, so this 'link to love' might be my favorite. We had an awesome intern in our fitness facility at work this past summer and she made us do this 8 minute arm exercise and it pretty much blew my mind. Yes, you look (and feel) super weird doing it, but man does it work! Seriously, try and let me know what you think. Eight minutes, it's all it takes!

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