Friday, January 24, 2014


In a world now driven by social media, you now have a look into everyone's lives. You get to see their accomplishments, their new homes, their growing families, their job promotions, their fancy vacations and sometimes, ok, maybe more than just sometimes, it can make you feel inadequate - like your life isn't quite as glamorous, shiny, and beautiful as everyone else's. As a mom, you feel like you are drowning in a pool of water as the 'moms who have it together' do the backstroke in the water above you. Not to mention they are probably wearing some expensive designer bathing suit and sipping on some fancy homemade cocktail, as they do it.

But really, can you hate these people? These moms whose lives seem perfect? No, because you would hate a lot of people, including yourself. You can't blame people. They WANT to share the happy parts of their lives (who doesn't?) and really, in most cases, you want to see it. It is fun and you are happy for them.

Even though it is fun, sometimes you cannot help but compare your life to everyone else's. I think it is just human nature. But when you do this, just remember, people do not share the bad stuff. You have a glimpse into their happy moments, not the ones where they fight with their husband or worry about money.

Yesterday, I wanted to write a facebook post that said "I LOST MY SH*T TWICE TODAY AND I AM MENTALLY UNSTABLE." I wonder how many 'likes' that would have gotten? I am sick, pregnant, and just unable to cope with life at the moment. Every little thing is a big thing for me. I cried in the car twice yesterday, ate cereal for dinner, and blamed all my life problems on my husband when he got home from work. I feel like I am drowning and something in our lives needs to give. Something needs to bend.

And then I sit and wonder... How do "those" moms do it. How do those moms work and get their family fed, stay in shape, have a social life, and keep the spark in their marriage? HOW? What's the answer?  The answer is they do probably just as well as I do. What I am feeling or experiencing isn't odd or out of the ordinary. To think I am the first mom to fly off the handle or like I said above, "lose my sh*t," would be crazy. Lots of moments in our life are great - the cutesy play kitchens, the homemade bread, the husband who plays the guitar and tosses our daughter in the air. But for every time there is a sweet, loving moment that we show the world through our instagram or facebook page, there is a moment when we loose it that no one sees. Well, someone sees it and it is usually those who are the closest to us and love us the most. They are the ones who get to see the real - the real good and the real bad.

Now, I know days like yesterday are not every day. You know that quote - "It is a bad day, not a bad life." Well, I need to remember that at these moments in my life. Today I am sitting here writing this, Ellis is napping upstairs, the house and my mind are calm and I am feeling a bit more normal and ready to resume all my grow-up responsibilities. All is well again... for the moment. ;)

I have a new resolution for 2014. Actually, let's call it a goal. My goal is to slow down, learn to appreciate what I have, stop holding myself to such high standards, breathe, and enjoy the little things just a bit more. I am going to take on less, relax more, and not worry as much. This life is good and we are lucky. I do not have to be perfect and as much as we think other people or other moms are... they aren't. We all struggle in one way or another. We all lose our sh*t. :)

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