Friday, January 2, 2015


*! DISCLAIMER !* - I am NOT a fashion blogger. To be a fashion blogger I would have to have some sort of personal style - which, especially at the moment,  :) I barely do my hair and make up in the morning, much less put something cute on. I have hope to have style someday. Really, I DO!

Now that I have denied being any kind of fashionista, I can go ahead with the post. A company called eShakti contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to review one of their dresses. I had never heard of this company and was pleasantly surprised when I looked at their website and saw clothing I actually really liked. Needless to say, I said I would LOVE to try out a dress!

This company is not your average run of the mill clothing company. They have a niche - a reason why you will want to buy from them vs. another online clothing company. They are more than just stylish clothing. They specialize in clothing that fits EVERY size woman. They carry size 0 to 36W. Not only do they carry a wide range of sizes, but you can customize their garments just the way you want them for only $7.50 extra!!! Yes, for real. You can pick your skirt length, neckline, sleeve type and even further customize your item (like having the option to take pockets out) or have it made EXACTLY to your measurements. Yes, for only $7.50 extra! The garments are made to your height, size and style and delivered to you in 14 days. MIND BLOWN.

So below is me in the dress I picked out. Ignore the awkward poses (I have no idea how to pose for this type of thing) and terrible gloomy day.

The day might have been gloomy, but the dress was fabulous. I got so many compliments on it when I wore to Christmas mass and to work on our holiday company meeting day. It is a perfect holiday dress for me b/c it isn't too dressy. It is an awesome flannel type material. I love the detailing on the top and it fits me like a glove! I was super impressed by how well it was made. It is fully lined and the skirt is nice and full. Happy camper right here! Thank you eShakti for making me stylish... even it was just for a day or two! :)

They are having a great sale right now, now head on over to eShakti and check it out.

Below is an example of all of the options when ordering.

And here is where you can put in your EXACT size:

And here are a few of my favorite dresses on their site right now. So many of the dresses would be perfect for bridesmaid dresses!

I also love how the site shows ACTAUL women wearing their clothing. See below!


  1. I love the dress and it fits perfectly! Thank you for posting the little chart. I never knew what all the different styles were called. I am certainly going to check out this company! Looks like they have some really cute stuff!

    1. You totally should. I was super impressed my the quality and fit!