Thursday, July 11, 2013


Logan's parent's own a lake house up north. Every 4th of July weekend the whole Buell family spends a few nights at the lake. This year my sister in law, Holly, had the great idea of splitting up the meals between the families.  Logan and I took breakfast (biggest loser pancakes) and lunch (healthy chicken salad sandwiches and white peach and feta salad) the first day we were all there. We spent the weekend eating, drinking, and playing in the water. I love that this is one of the the many traditions we are building. Building traditions for our family is something that Logan and I am really excited about as we continue through life.
I love this picture. The lighting was perfect and it was in the morning when the lake was still calm.
 Jordan catching Finn and Chuck in his kayak 

My beautiful Niece - Miss Brynn

These two fight like sisters and I laugh every time (even though I shouldn't)

My family :)

Boat ride with uncle/god father Paul

H & J on the jet ski

Logan slalom skiing
1. Brynn's beautiful braids        |         2. Cousin Love
3. Catching Ellis climbing the stairs... again        |        4. How we wake up Uncle Logan at the Lake
5. Red, White, and Blueberry Beer brewed by Paul        |        6. Whatcha doing down there Uncle B?

1. Couple selfie        |        2. Don't let the pink ride  fool you
3. Chocolate chip pancakes        |        4. Sister-in-Law breakfast bake
5. Passed out - it's a rough life        |        6. So happy on 4 wheels

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