Wednesday, July 3, 2013


play kitchen - priced at $50 - got it for $40
It needs A LOT of TLC, but it will be a fun little project for me. Some teal paint and some fun vintage print curtains for the shelves and Ellis will be cooking in no time! I will make sure to post the "after" pic.

big wooden letter "B" (I think it might have be to an old circus sign) - priced at $25 - got it for $20
As you can see, we hung it in the guest bathroom. "B" for Buell or "B" for bathroom. Whatever works, right?!

wooden mint shelf - priced at $15 - got it for $12

Necklace (the longer one)

milk bubble glass planter

vintage neon rulers - I love that the one is form Appleton, WI. 
I plan on using them in Ellis' room on the wall to measure her height as she grows.

J's blue side table - priced at $30 - got it for $25
I am in love with this one. SO CUTE!

J's yellow cedar chest - priced at $185 - got is for $130
It will all depend on what you are in the market for.

- Just trinkets?
Bring a large tote of some sort. Reusable grocery totes work well b/c they are light.

- Larger items or maybe just a lot of items?
Bring a foldable rolling grocery cart. Trust me, you will not look silly. EVERYONE is wheeling these babies around.

- Furniture?
A truck or Uhaul and some bungee cords just in case you have to bungee your trunk shut or something to the top of your car. If you are questioning if you can fit it in your vehicle, DO. NOT. BUY. IT.

- Cash – Always bring cash. Vendors typically do not accept credit cards or checks.

- A picnic or a bag lunch – There is food available at most flea markets, but it is typically “fair” food and of the greasy variety. Because I am a bit of a freak about eating healthy, I love to bring my lunch.

- Nothing nice - You will get dusty, dirty and sweaty hauling your treasures back to you car. (note: Vendors are usually really good about helping you bring your items back to your car. They usually have some sort of moving dolly to make the job much easier. At the Elkhorn Flea Market they have equipment at the gates to help you move you items as well. All you have to do is give them your drivers license for collateral. When you give them the dolly back, you get your id back.)
- Sunscreen and/or a hat - most flea markets are outdoors

HOW TO BARTER (in my opinion):
Usually the price of an item will be marked. You can then either suggest a lower price or, if you are uncomfortable doing so, simply ask the vendor “is this your best price?” and they will tell you if they are willing to go lower. They are almost always willing to negotiate. If the price is not marked, they might ask you to name a price. I hate this! I am always afraid I will offend them by asking too little. I usually explain that I do not know a lot about the item and would appreciate if they could give me a price. I will then try and haggle from that point if it is in my price range.  Also, you will have much better luck negotiating prices later in the day. The vendors do not want to pack up their items to bring home, they want to sell them. If you try and negotiate early in the day, they know there is a good chance someone will come after you and pay a higher price.

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