Tuesday, July 2, 2013


For me, there is nothing better than a good flea market.  Is is "junk" picking, deal finding, bartering back 'n forth, treasure spotting BLISS. I love it! Sunday morning consisted of a 5am wake up call (from me to Jodie and like I suspected, she hadn't set her alarm clock), COFFEE (always coffee) and a road trip to the Elkhorn Flea Market.  We shopped til we dropped (aka: until we knew we could't fit anything else in the back of J's SUV and ran out of money), met our friends for a back-of-a-pick-up-truck picnic (those are the best kinds) and finally headed home full of dust and just a little sunburnt.  

When it comes to decorating spaces, I would much rather buy a one of a kind, vintage piece with great character than go to Steinhafels and buy some particle board piece that every other American family probably has sitting in their living room. I think it is fun to mix the vintage finds with more modern pieces, so maybe I would go to Steinhafles for those. No, probably not. I would go to Ikea. I know ikea is particle board cr*p as well, but at least it is super cute, right? :) Ok, enough of that and on to the important stuff.

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  1. This flea market looks awesome! I am excited for tomorrow's post! :)