Monday, July 15, 2013


Is it really Monday? Can I pleeeeease just have one more day to recoup from yet another crazy busy, jam-packed, without a moment to relax weekend? Not sure who I am asking this question to. Is there someone I can talk to who is in charge of handing out bonus weekend days????

Anyways, people often ask me if I always eat healthy? HECK NO! I eat healthy a good 85-90ish precent on the time. I like (by like I mean love) my chocolate and truly believe throwing back a few beers (or vodka sodas w/ lime) every once in a while belongs in the "healthy" category... at least for your mental health. I guess I improved my mental health this weekend. ;)

I do have to admit, after a night out, it feels so, SO good to get back into my weekly workout routine. It somewhat throws me off and I do not quite feel "right" again until I hit the gym.  Here is what I will be listening to as a get my butt back into gear this Monday morning.  Enjoy!

RUNNING MIX #1 by Katie Buell on Grooveshark

And just to prove today is going to be fabulous....

Oh, and a few shots from of our weekend wedding fun! Congrats Brian and Theresa!

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