Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Happy Wednesday! I was transferring some of my iphone pics from my phone to my external HD and wanted to post a few. I have been having way to much fun with the new phone ap.

Top to Bottom - left to right
1. Oliver snuggles    |    2. Pink ruffled sweetness
3. Me as a toddler    |    4. Giant heels that didn't end up happening (of course, I went the practical route)
5. Summer livin'    |    6. Concert on the Square
7. Princess pops made by my sister-in-law (craftiness runs in the fam)    |    7. Cheap-O scarf & a little phone app fun

1. My little spider monkey    |    2. Girl cousins
3. No more of that Johnson & Johnson crap    |    4. Snuggles before bed
5. All the littles at Miss Isla's 2nd Birthday Party    |    6. Storm sky
7. Work outfit    |    8. Deliciousness

1. Brixton giving E a lift    |    2. Playing with our new phones a work 

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