Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am switchin' it up a bit. This time, instead of "latest lusts" I am posting about "latest loves" - things I actually own and love, hence the post title. ;)  These are tried & true, test driven, can't live without items.

The limited is ALWAYS having a sale. I only got this 25% off b/c it is a new item, but I love it! 

Between me and my two best friends, I think we have tried just about every BB cream out there. This one is my favorite. It might scare you at first b/c it goes on white, but it magically changes color to match your skin tone. 

I have had my eye on this one for a long time, but wasn't about to shell out the moola for it. Good thing this one found me. :) I got it 40% off. Also, the rose golds looks so much better in person than in the picture.

I have tried many times to wear lipstick. I have large lips and semi resemble a Disney character when applied. (yes, scary!) This one works for me! Perpetually pink, you have changed my life. 

Confession. I do not own these YET. I plan on ordering them this week, but I have tried them on and I was shocked how extremely comfortable they were. I have been looking for the perfect leopard flats for a while now and I love the venetian style of these. I have SO MANY ballet flats. It is time to switch it up.

LC Crystal Bow Earrings // Kohls // $9 - The ones I own are a tab bit different that these, but very similar. I pretty much love all LC Lauren Conrad Jewelry from Kohls. Check it out!

Aaaand just for fun... me sporting my new watch... and making a weird face. Why not?!

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