Thursday, October 17, 2013


After I posted our family pictures, a few people asked me how I made and put on Ellis head wrap, so here it is! What better way to show it than with a short instagram video from my iphone?! Making and putting on this head wrap is seriously the easiest thing ever and you can wear it, too! I wear them all the time, especially in the summer and on the weekends when I do not do my hair. Who am I kidding... I never do my hair. i should probably just live in these.

Are you ready for this? Now pay close attention....
Go to the fabric store and buy a 1/2 yard of any kind of fabric you want. Yup, that's it. ;)
This head wrap cost me a whopping $3. I leave the edges raw, but you can finish them with a sewing machine if you want.

My only suggestion is that you make sure the fabric is relatively on the thinner side and not too slippery so it stays tied. If you buy thicker fabric it will not wrap nicely and the tie will be big and bulky.

Originally I had Logan take a video of me putting the wrap on Ellis' head and that was just a disaster. The video consists of her running away from me and screaming and me trying to tackle her and getting super frustrated. After take 3, I gave up and put the dang thing on my own head which took one take and less than a minute. Lesson learned. Thankfully, she was much more cooperative when we had our family pictures taken.

(Tuck the loose ends of the tie back into the wrap so they are not hanging out like a bow. I ran out of time on the instagram video, so I couldn't show that part.)

I am in love with head wraps on little girls. It is just so stinkin' sweet. Here is a little round up of inspirational pictures. 

image credits: T to B / L to R

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  1. Hello all the way back from Portugal!
    I was looking for tutorials on how to diy head wraps and found your blog! Loving it!!
    But when I try to see your tutorial it opens a food blog...can I See it somewhere else?

  2. Just so you know, the link to the video doesn't work.