Friday, October 18, 2013


BE FIT FOODS ON INSTAGRAM >> I recently started following 'be fit foods' on instagram and it is pure genius!!!  People instragram their easy, healthy meal/snack ideas and hashtag them #befitfoods for a chance to be featured. So next time you instagram that blueberry smoothie or quinoa salad, hashtag that baby and you might see your picture on the feed! When I see a picture of something I want to try, I screen shot it and pull it up later when I am meal planning or add it to my pinterest board.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

45 LIFE LESSONS WRITTEN BY A 90 YEAR OLD >> It is a good, quick read. #40 is one of my all time favorite quotes. I even have have it framed in my kitchen. Looks like I am as wise as a 90 year old! ;)

SIMPLE ADDICTION: Need some cheap statement jewelry? This is the place! They have some super cute items at great prices and it is $2 shipping for your first item and only $1 more for each additional item! ummm... yes, please!

AMERICAN GIRL THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: I just about died when I saw this. Obviously I will not be planning an American Girl themed b-day party any time soon seeing that Ellis is more interested in playing with my lunchbox ice pack than any real toy. The invites!!!! I die! I would like to give a big high-five to that creative mama!

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