Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Life on a budget. I know I have hit on this subject many times before. Budgeting is all about knowing where your money goes so you can put it where you want -- like spending less on clothes and golf so you can put money in your daughter's college fund. :) I guess that what budgeting means in our family at least.

Logan and I decided to both give ourselves a monthly budget to spend on whatever we want that is not considered a necessity. This way I can buy as many pairs of shoes as I want and he can order as many iphone/ipad gadgets as he wants and there is no arguing as long as we stay within the budget. Simple, right? So far, so good. I know our little personal budget system isn't rocket science, but it is new for us. Anyways, it has been kind of fun to plan out what I want to spend my budget on.  I know it is half way through the month, but here is my August wish list. Now, trust me, there is no way I could buy all of these items. Heck, I couldn't even buy the watch on my budget, but a girl can dream, right?! I could always find one similar for half the price. I have pretty decent competitive on-line shopping skills. ;)

I started with Pinterest and then found similar items online.  It kind of gets out my itch to shop for all these things, without actually buying all of them. Is that weird? maybe. :)


MY WISH LIST: Super pumped that two of the items are from local (for me) companies! Gotta love shopping local!

ONE ($50)  |  TWO ($149.99)  |  THREE ($100)  |  FOUR ($145)
FIVE ($21.99)  |  SIX ($6.95)  |  SEVEN ($225)  |  EIGHT ($19.90)
NINE ($31.48)  |  TEN ($49.95)  |  ELEVEN ($24.95)  |  TWELVE ($44)  |  THIRTEEN ($15)

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