Monday, August 12, 2013


Ohhhhhhhh family time. And by 'family time' I mean 'just the three of us' time. It is something we were in desperate need of. Every single weekend (yes, every one) this summer we have been running here and there for this, that, and the next thing. We packed our summer to the max with weddings, birthday parties, out of town visitors, and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, we have enjoyed all of these events, and we needed some time to just be a family.  I begged & pleaded convinced logan to take off work on Friday and we headed to the Wisconsin State Fair. We saw the animals, ate fried food, ate some more fried food, and headed home. It was nice to just bum around for the day and hang out. Ellis did less than stellar on the car ride in, but was a perfect angel while we were there - except for when she chucked her stuffed sock monkey at this poor kid who was sitting on a curb. She just walked right up to him, looked him square in the eye, and chucked it at his face!  And she's a pretty good shot. Uggggg. She is really into chucking things lately - sock monkeys, food, toys, shoes... :/ Any idea on how to stop this? We usually chuck things back at her, but she just thinks it's funny. kidding, kidding ;)

Here are my takeaways from the fair:
1. Go early - it gets really busy later in the day
2. Come hungry - really, really hungry
3. Scope out all the food before you make your purchases  - you might be sad if you waste your appetite on the first thing you see (stupid, not that good, BBQ chicken sandwich)
4. Wear shoes you don't care about. You WILL step in cow poop - unless you are my husband and avoid getting dirty at all costs. (yes, I learned that lesson)
5. Get a cream puff. You cannot go to the WI State Fair and not get a cream puff. I think that is an official rule or something.

State Fair bound. A good shot in between her fussing.

Big piggy

The famous Cream Puff. yum, yum, yum.

Is my dress stuck in my undies?! Good thing this isn't embarrassing until a little later in life.

Logan and I had a House of Embers Groupon burning a hole in our pockets, so last night we decided to use it for a little date night. Our first stop was my parent's house to drop off E for a little Grandma and Grandpa time. It was super overcast (good for picture taking) so I asked my Mom to snap a few quick family pictures before we headed out.

We then headed to Wisconsin Dells for a kid-free night. We stopped at a guitar store, ate dinner at House of Embers, walked downtown to look at all the silly merchandise, got a DQ blizzard, and stocked up on candy at the Goody Goody Gum Drop. :) Even more than 'just the three of us' time, we needed some 'just the two of us' time.

Family pic attempt

Ellis! Ellis! Ellis! Stop flapping your arms!

Mediterranean shrimp pasta bowl - ribs, shrimp, and potatoes

Blizzard tiiiiiime!

Salt water taffy - Logan loves it, i think it is disgusting

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