Monday, August 19, 2013


I was so excited when Amanda asked me to design a few pieces for her son's first birthday party. First birthday parties can be hard. One year olds aren't into Superman or Barbies yet, so it is hard to pick a theme. You know what they are into though?! FOOD! :) When Amanda told me her theme for Kaden's special day, I thought the idea was so cute and I couldn't wait to get started. I created his invitation, food tags and a 4ft tall menu board! His party was last weekend and Amanda sent me a few pictures of the day, including one of the fun, blue ombre cake she made him. Kaden is one lucky little man!

His blue highchair was refinished and painted by Oak + Olive, right here in Madison! Didn't it turn out adorable!?
Oak + Olive up-cycles, restores, and revives quality furniture for fun and function. Make sure you contact them the
next time you find a piece that needs a little TLC.

My next birthday assignment is a rhino cake for my adorable nephew for his first birthday.  The theme is this cute little stuffed rhino that he loves. They say he is more like a fat blue hippo that wants to be a unicorn. ;) 
These one year olds are keepin' me busy!

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  1. You did an amazing job Katie! You are so talented. Thanks so much.