Friday, August 16, 2013


Oh Ellis! You make me smile every single day and not a day has passed since you were born that I have not felt like the luckiest person on earth b/c I get to be your Mama. You are outgoing, loud, and the most lovable little human in my world. You are my world and you are your Daddy's world, too. You dance in circles, throw your toys, squeal with delight, and scream all of the time. You love Oliver and Emma (our pups) and you especially love baby dolls. You are not much of a cuddler b/c you want to be moving all of the time. You got your Daddy's looks, but I know you got my personality. You are, without a doubt, going to give me a run for my money b/c I sure did give my mom a run for hers. I wouldn't have it any other way. You think I am funny and you think your Daddy is REALLY funny. I am glad you do, b/c usually don't. ;) I cannot get enough of your sweet giggles and your cute little pigeon-toed walk. I love you to the moon and back Little Miss Ellis Averee. I do.

Like mother, like daughter. We are rockin' some summer white.


  1. These are gorgeous photos of two beautiful ladies....

  2. Love that baby. Hope to see you both soon!

  3. aww, I miss you all so much! i Can't wait to see that sweet little one again!